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We have various wood products such as boards, timber, cinder posts and corners.

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Wood Supplies

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  1. Embossed doors/semi-solid panel doors

    our semi-solid doors are constructed with a solid mahogany wood frame,egg shell core & timber veneer. variety of design to choose from. weather resistant. ready to paint or stain. ideal to be used in bedroom,bathroom,kitchen, or any interior use. its also a popular choice for office doors as they are available in custom sizes (at an additional cost) NB can be ordered,constructed and delivered to site on the same day just as it is in the picture
  2. mahogany panel doors

    Our mahogany panel door designs include a wide variety of classical options that can be incorporated into both your interior and exterior door solutions.
    we also have various customization designs to select from.
    for example 2 ,4,5,6,7,8 panels get in touch with us for latest customization updates.
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2 Item(s)