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One Stop Shop for building & construction.plastic products.home and construction tools.plumbing equipment.jua kali products.home decors.

Our Mission: 

To be the best solution to new and existing customers by providing quality product and demos about existing and new products and services.

Who We Are

Our customers are guaranteed of quality and verified products which have been approved to be used in the country’s building industry through our online platform www.tujengeware.co.ke.

We are in a partnership with trusted and verified dealers and suppliers of quality building materials to help our customers save time by providing them with all the building and construction materials products and services on single platform that is available anytime and anywhere.

We are currently offering the following services for our clients-products and services owners eg wholesalers, retailers, contractors, fundis etc.

  1. Free subscription of their product; these can include all building and construction materials that are locally manufactured, imported  products or any other product on sale in the local hardware or any building and construction materials dealers. We have variety of categories and we will advice accordingly on the categorization of our clients’ product. Below we have highlighted some of our categories we have
  2. Free subscription of any building and construction related services, be it hiring services, expertise, labor, building ingenuity name it .the services may include; welding, masons, carpentry, painting experts, engineering services, architectural and civil engineering services, building and construction machines and equipment hiring, industrial equipments leasing, landscapers ,water delivery services, building and construction engineers etc just to mention a few.
  3. Free online stock management; our clients will get a real time update of their stocks as forwarded to the site. any order on our clients product/services will be sent and documented  on to him immediately the same applies to the deliveries made.
  4. Top ads services;-products in this category are strategically located in the site in way that the products wins extra attention from every customers who visits the site.eg products at featured products, recommended and new products
  5. product/services advertising;2jenge is all about building, it’s a one stop platform where we are committed to provide all that there is or there will be in construction especially those who wish to make a mark in Kenya building industry we have the best platform for you to get the message to your desired audience at very friendly cost.
  6. Brand or company endorsement;- this caters for the category of our sponsors/partners for easier understanding visit www.tujengeware.co.ke for charges contact us.

Tujenge will see to it that our clients are assisted on the best way to organize and categorize their items and even chance to preview them before they are posted on our site at no extra cost